KickMoto was asked to be part of a local video series called "the creatives". The author Julian Parkinson of Format Films did an amazing job capturing what KickMoto represents, what we do and why we do it. We are honoured to be the first in what is bound to be an amazing collection of work celebrating creative people in Nova Scotia. Be sure to check out his Vimeo account for the next release of "the creatives"


Thank you Julian!

Here is a little video we made from our photoshoot last week. This is the process it took for just one photo! Brendan the Photographer had it all figured out. We had a great time helping with the shoot and can't wait to work with Brendan again.

KICK MOTO delivered the CB550 to its new owner, Mixed emotions today as we handed over the key to Mike, we were overwhelmed with excitment and sadness at the same time. It felt amazing to see the client so happy about his new bike. However I think we all felt like we had just gave away our own bike. You design and build something so amazing that has been created with your own hands, that it hurts to let it go. That pain doesnt last long as you hear the client fire up the bike and tear off into the distance and when he arrives back with a grin on his face that cant be wiped away, well you know you did something right.

What an awesome day KICK MOTO had on the set of the Photoshoot with our friend Brendan. Here is a sneak peek of Daryl helping set up for a shot of our most recent build. A 1978 Honda CB550, this bike has come a long way from the first day we picked it up as our donor bike. We literally brought it home in buckets of parts, an engine on a pallet and a barley rolling chassis. Today This 78 CB550 saw life again after 20 years of neglect.

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